Philipine Vinke
Art is one of the genuine human Phenomena, it forms an essential part of our co-existence.

Philipine Vinke
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My first Artmirror ever was a minimalist execution of “Obsolete Ego’s”. An intimidating 2 squared metres mirror (see “shards of happiness”) was obtained from a bridal shop. The transparency in the form of beautiful circular drops was accidentally discovered by making this piece: I simply did not have enough material to create more transparency. This drop-like outcome inspired me to work with aluminium drops on the front side of the mirror. I obtained these splashes from the factory floor of a local aluminium melting installation. A touch of gold-leaf completed the work.

At the premiere viewing, I obtained feedback from my audience. The work was received with a mission: the public challenged me to create smaller ArtMirrors in this style; to proof mirrors in houses can be beautiful, without the need of having them framed.