No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.

Oscar Wilde
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Artist: Anco Mali

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Serie: Mills in The Netherlands, Friesland  |  more info »

Mills are very important to the Netherlands! Traditionally, grain is ground into flour with a mill. But all kinds of industrial applications were added, such as pressing oil, making paint or sawing tree trunks. Thanks to these industrial mills, areas such as the Zaanstreek and Amsterdam could become the first industrial centers in the Netherlands. In the Zaanstreek in 1731 no less than 583 windmills were in function.Unfortunately, in the early part of the 20th century many disappeared. Since 1923 the Dutch Mill Society is devoted to the preservation and restauration of the mills in the Netherlands.
Anco Mali travelled a whole season through Friesland, trying to catch the soul of the individual mills.