No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.

Oscar Wilde
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Artist: Philipine Vinke

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The installation “Shards of happiness” originated when my largest artwork fell off a gallery wall, 5 days after its first display. The artwork measured over two squared meters. (See “ArtMirrors”). At that time, I was exhibiting with ceramist Harmke Zwep, whose labour also creates a lot of shards. „Shards bring happiness and good fortune”, according to a Dutch proverb. Therefore, people are invited to pick up a shard of the installation which organically alters the installation changing it as time passes. During previous displays, people were inspired to share beautiful every day stories of health, wealth, happiness and sorrow. Often people chose to gift their piece to a loved one in need of good fortune. “Every pick up comes with a personal story. Each time I am amazed by the intimacy of my audience”.